Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We’ve come across the weirdest number plates in Pakistan. If the ever popular “RIP” and the many “LOVs” and “LUVs” speeding on the roads weren’t funny enough, we recently stumbled upon a “BRA” and an “STD”!


  1. lol........ Is there any 'MIS(Miss) 1992' kind of number plate???

  2. Its true i often find these funny too, i wonder if the authorities knew the connotations with some of these combinations...

    Khair, as far as i am aware it is derived from the first and last letter of the city where the car is registered followed by another letter and then four digits, so STD 9192 comes from, i think, SialkoT. Once the possible number and letter combos have been exhausted, as in the case of Lahore then a new combo is introduced, suc as LO, LH, etc. This number plate system does not apply in Sindh province where they have longer letters and numbers.

    If i am mistaken can other readers please correct or add to this information!


  3. Vipul, will keep an eye out for that :)

    A, yes the first letter stands for the city. Not sure about Sindh; neither about four digits.

  4. What an eye... do u walk and drive looking on number plates?? :-P

    lol... but really funny...

    hats off....

  5. Why only one post a month?
    Some posts about music in Pakistan ( not Bollywood), food habits vis-a vis India would be wonderful.

  6. Ha hA Tell me is it a leagl way of having such name plates?? I hope not :)

  7. Anonymous, been busy with life, hence one post a month. Food is very much on the agenda, will keep music in mind too :)

    A New Beginning, sorry to dash your hopes :)

    Shyam, Soch: thanks!

  8. we keep waiting and waiting for new posts ! how was the time back home ? usually people feel a little different after being away for sometime, felt anything like that ?

    speaking of number plates, a number plate VI4GR4 was apparently sold on auction by a US state (read it a decade back so pardon the foggy memory) fetching a hefty sum.

  9. Looks like Pakistan still continues with colonial-era numbering scheme for car license plates. We used to have the same in India too, until the late eighties, if you remember. e.g. MHM XXXX would be the license plate of a vehicle registered in Kolhapur, Maharashtra state etc.
    I believe the new SS-DD-LL-DDDD scheme currently in use in India, came into force in 1989.

  10. lol lol lol....truly bizarre and funny!!

  11. Boom, new posts up :)

    Anonymous, thanks for reading.

    AM, funny and bizarre indeed :)

  12. Well now these number plates a thing of the past, no? Because the new Punjab plate are also "longer" form as is the case with the rest of the country!