Monday, October 4, 2010

Bhai is King!

I am Itty 
Dear Bhai,

I am Itty, a four-month-old kitten.

I was poisoned three weeks ago along with my litter-mate and some other cats. While my litter-mate and the other cats died of poisoning – I lived. I showed up at an Indian’s gate, where I used to stop for food, they rushed me to the vet and I got saved.

Ever since I have been living with the Indians, outside whose house you sit under a tree all the time. You wouldn’t have noticed my dear late litter-mate and I using the same tree as a scratchpost – would you?

After I got well they decided to get me adopted, as they already have a lot of cats to fend for. Several attempts to find a nice home backfired, because they wanted to be sure that I’d be safe and happy.

Today they got lucky. They got a call from a lady who wanted to take in a kitten for her little son. Although, like everyone else, she too was breed conscious and was interested in a Siamese/Persian kitten, when she saw my picture she decided on me.

My Indian friends sat with me for an hour before my departure, played with me and were feeling sad that they would have to let go of me. I, too, was sad. I liked being with them. 

The lady came in with her little son and I hid under the sofa. I didn’t want to go. I was too scared. But the Indians assured me that I would be fine and packed me off with my favourite toys. They also alerted the lady that she would be stopped by you for a routine check. The lady seemed fine with it.

As I sat in the car, I noticed that you were glaring at me and the lady. Then you got onto your noisy motorcycle, followed the car, stopped us a few yards ahead and frightened the lady with your “inquisition”.

The lady asked the driver to take a U-turn. As she left me back at the Indians' gate she said: “with so much investigation I don’t think I want your cat” and vanished.  

You looked on smilingly.

Bhai, in your never-ending quest to harass Indians, you missed the finer point. The Indians were only trying to help a Pakistani cat find a nice home!

Never mind Bhai, may you live long and peacefully. As for me, I am around till the next person decides to poison me.


PS: Pakistan today celebrated World Animal's Day!


  1. and what exactly makes you think, some Bhai did the job?

    Initially, I used to find your blog pretty humorous but now, its becoming biased. As if all this happens in Pakistan only and India is all christened from it.

  2. Kulsoom B, the lady told us so :)Also, we saw Bhai going after her...
    Much thanks for reading...Although I don't think you have really been "reading"...
    So long.

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  4. May be you are right, that I have not been really "reading". But, to me it doesn't make sense that a cat could be killed only because he was living in an Indian house. I mean am sure they can find better ways to bug you.

    I know so many Hindus/Indians living and working with me in Karachi, they never had such complains. Except that its hard for them to marry due to small community size.

  5. Kulsoom B the question does not lie with in any countries boundaries but since it is happening in our country then of course we are accountable for it, why should we point out at others because I'm basically responsible for my own nation why do I need to worry about whats happening in USA, India or England when I have my own to worry about.So think about the solution not twisting the problem and if you have problems reading her blog then don't read it. Whether its an Indian or Pakistani you do know that goodness or badness has no country and so I repeat that if it is happening in our country then yes shame fully and sadly we are responsible for it! Simple

  6. Mr Lonely, thanks. Will check out your blog.

    Kulsoom, I repeat that you are NOT really reading...I never said that a cat was killed because she was in an Indian's house!!!??? You are all mixed up. Relax :)

    Sam, three cheers for you!!! You are my saviour in Pakistan :)

  7. so much harrasment... is this becasue you guys are in Pakistan for official reasons or does this kind of harrasment happen to all Indians even those that are visiting?

    I dont understand why the govt. is so paranoid... i mean really we have such a long border with India, if RAW really wanted to send some spy over its so easy to do so, from the sea to desert to the fields to the mountains, there are so many points of entry into Pak that its so easy for someone to come over and start spying etc. and the same can be the other way!!!

    People that apply for visas and come by plane, train bus etc. dont want to spy but are there for legitimate reasons!

    I didn't know our establishment is soooooo paranoid. It must make your stay in Pakistan very difficult when ordinary Pakistani have to think twice before they meet with you or say anything to you... and thats a shame!


  8. Nice post. Here's wishing good luck to itty. Er have you heard that cats have nine lives?

  9. A, indeed life is not easy for us...
    When Itty was returned to us yesterday I was angry. I walked up to Bhai with Itty, who was smiling his smile of victory, and told him a sarcastic "thank you". Bhai pretended not to hear me first, then told me to mind my business!
    Itty was my "business" we saved her and hoped she would get into a nice house...yet that hurt Bhai!

  10. Good work , I believe the stereo-typing does not reflect your true self , as the name(indi/paki/americano) only refers to geo-location,

    wherever you're based the house or country is yours, so keeping it clean and loving your surrounding is just what makes life sparkle :)

    we need more animal lovers and I hope this blog reaches to everyone and create awareness for homeless /helpless innocent little members everywhere in the world...

  11. Well Bhai is already in Hell so not to worry about his smile, he sure is alone and sad :) and do you think he will get away with this in time my dear he will face his fate and a dreadful one and you and I will be witness to that.BTW what is Bhai's name?

  12. Shiju, heard that one, and believe in it too :)

    Shah, thanks. And we need more readers like you!

    Sam, Bhais never give out their real names...they are Bhais after all! And now if they decide to "phinish" me, you must remember to write me a good obit! :)

  13. Would just like to congratulate you on your courage to voice your opinion. To stand up for what you think is right. Hats off to an Indian who lives in Pakistan and is trying to make it her home.

  14. I think its time you come back home :)

  15. Hi .... (we still don't know your name do we ?),
    you might remember I had posted about a kitten that appeared at my doorstep on the day you made the post about chicklet. well, I'm happy to say she is now a healthy, if very naughty member of my house,

  16. Rahul, of course I do!! So happy for the kitten to have found a nice home....:)

    Premal, yes its about time!!

    Sometimes, thank you!

    Ashu, long time!

  17. It is a sad sad day when someone makes a cat homeless...bad karma will soon meet the bad bhai.
    @kulsoom: apparently you have never stood outside the Indian High Commission and faced Death by Inquisition. But at this moment Im pretty perturbed by the stroke mark in the Hindu/Indian as the two are interchangeable. Major inside-outside Freudian slip!!

    @ the two indians: I am going through your archives at the moment. Islamabad reminds you of Shillong? Really? I always found it more Murree /Nathiagali but then I could be wrong.
    When Im in Islamabad next, I promise to have Itty adopted by a family who are not too nervous about her 'agla peechla' Indian connections!!

  18. Aneela, Itty does need people who have survived "death by inquisition" :) Hope your visit to Islamabad materialises sooner than later.

  19. Aneela, for the lady in question it might not be a slip at all.

  20. whatever happens is for good... Think that Bhai may have saved Kitty becoz the lady was goin to give itty to her son... Kids may some time be harsh with animals... Inshallah Itty will get a better home...

    @ Kulsoom B... Chill.... Read the posts nd understand the point... They never complained about indians or pakistanis...

    @ Sam... dude... u r a great human... God Bless...

  21. Soch, thanks... :) Yes, Sam is great, she's been looking for a home for Itty ever since...

  22. A Belated Happy Diwali and a Very Happy New Year Ms. Hassan. Hope the New Year brings you and your Husband prosperity and hopefully a better posting!!!

  23. nice post...we all need more people in this world like u who are so compassionate towards animals, who speak on behalf of them..... so what happened to sweet Itty?

  24. Thanks Pakz, Itty is still with us. She has been adopted by an American here, but we don't have the heart to give her away yet.