Friday, December 17, 2010

My Fair Ladies…

As I was cleaning my fairly messy cupboard the other day, I stumbled upon a piece of evidence which reminded me of my rather special membership to an exclusive woman’s domain. Almost immediately, it also dawned on me that I had been booted out of the exclusive domain by My Fair Ladies – who were anything but fair or fair to begin with.

Not that I chose to be a member. My Fair Ladies invited me to bridge the great “Them” and “Us” divide. I did and hated every minute of it. I know I wasn’t the only one hating it, there were others like me too, but, of course, they were more “Them” than “Us” so they put their plastic-wares to optimum use.

I sat through the ceremonies month after month, almost always reminded of my lessons in the sociological concept of power – as opposed to physical or political power. I marvelled at the way My Fair Ladies maintained the “Them” and “Us” divide and at times shuddered at the muscle of proxy hierarchies.

I was too caught up with life to notice that I hadn’t been with My Fair Ladies the past few months. Now that I have, I am happy that I am done with my lessons in herringbone weaves and semi-precious wares – literally and metaphorically.

Thank you My Fair Ladies for letting me be! 


  1. oho... did you have to mingle with those elite ladies??? such a painful experience - glad you survived!!!


  2. Yello , howdy friend long time no bhais only Human interest stories . Just kidding the t-shirts were super funny .


  3. A, yes, such is life!

    Ashu, dhanyavaad!