Monday, April 11, 2011

Bhai, bhai na raha.....

There is nothing official about this Bhai – therefore he is more officious than the official Bhai-brigade and my personal favourite!!!!

In the near three years we have spent in our present house, Aslam Bhai has clocked over 20,000 hours keeping an eye on us in his unofficial capacity as Tommy (apologies to all Tommies, you know that I love you all more than most humans!).

This Bhai is a chowkidaar at a bakery-cum-kitchen which is being illegally run from the dirtiest address in a residential sector of Islamabad (Thank you Tiramisu!!) He was roped in by the official Bhai brigade and he takes this job very, very seriously!

Aslam Bhai
The bakery-cum-kitchen also houses about a dozen baker boys, all of whom will be missed much when I am back, but Aslam Bhai is a cut above the rest because of his excessively uncultured ways and his passion and dedication to keep an unfriendly eye on his friendly neighbours from an "enemy" country.
Aslam Bhai seems to be getting better with his unfriendly acts by the day. This winter he acquired a new quilt which has "ARE YOU THINKING OF ME, DARLING?" written in bold and is always hung on the terrace wall facing our house.  

...and his quilt!
Aslam Bhai, can I return the favour by dedicating this song to you from our hugely popular Bollywood? 


  1. put a photo of aslam bhai too if you can zoom in using your cam :D

    We should recommend him for Guinness book of world record. :P

  2. There a close-up of Aslam Bhai. Will try and get him with his quilt too :D

  3. haha i wonder if he knows about this blog and his infamy???


  4. A, I wonder too! Though I do wish he did :)

  5. Okay i have to ask,can one get used to these sort of things,or u r constantly aware of sumbdy snooping around on u?

  6. Pichkari, one does get used to the regular chappies who follow us around town. In fact, some of them are nice and, at times, helpful too...the problem is with fill-ins like Aslam Bhai who stretch things too far.

  7. Is there no way to get rid of these kinda bhai's...??
    if dey appoint bhais to keep an eye, atleast dey should also know the feedback nd if they are trouble, the shud be changed...

  8. I want that quilt....maybe he can sell it on Ebay.

  9. Soch, no chance!! :)

    Anon, you have competition there!! :)

  10. You guys could hire your own Bhai to watch thee Bhai ...that would really freak him out :P

  11. Chaitanya, and thats a good idea!! :D

  12. Oh my god aslam bhai kya dedication hai ?
    actually not his fault ;)
    to cheez badi hai mast mast ;)
    hahaha !