Friday, June 17, 2011

Move them out Shahida Ahmed!!

I am sure Shahida Ahmed, the rich and famous owner of two topline restaurants -- Tiramisu and The Mango Tree -- would not want a bunch of uncouth baker boys as her next door neighbours. So why unleash them on us?

Under this tent mouth-watering dishes served at Shahida Ahmed's Tiramisu are cooked. The trash gets dumped on the tin roof.  

Shahida Ahmed's boys bake her famous cakes here! I hope the wire mesh of the windows is not missing still. 
The unkempt lawn of Shahida Ahmed's house.

The terrace where Shahida Ahmed's baker boys, cleaning boys and the lecherous chowkidaar Aslam while away their time. 
Two cats feast on the left-overs that is thrown on the roof as a baker boy looks on. It is also a great spraying ground for cats who love to mark their territories. 


  1. OMG! Look out Shahida Ahmed and her patrons!

  2. Pickle, this isn't India so well anything goes :D I am sure back home residents wouldn't have allowed a commercial kitchen in a respectable residential area!

  3. Can't you just tell the cops? They'll shut her business down. I am sure Pakistan should have a system similar to India.

  4. hi bhabi i have seen that place passed by it so many times.

    The name should have been changed to Tera Main Su Su.

  5. Is she not breaking some sort of law? I'm sure you can get a lawyer involved no?


  6. Anon 1, I did once; impact - zero :(

    Anon 2, will let "Madam" know :P

    Anon 3, methinks law is an ass :)

  7. Do you honestly have nothing better to do with your time other than crib and complain about her! Or am I sensing the green eyed monster of jealousy coming out!

  8. You Indian bastard, go back to your poverty stricken fucking country and blog about that!

  9. I mean seriously, you really think stuff like this do not exist back home in India?...they do...its ubiquitous here too. I wouldn't complain if the Pakistanis ask you to buckle up and paint a better ,more cultured picture of their country.
    (Although I understand that disgracing any one wasn't the point in the post...but when it comes from the "qwerty" pad of an Indian in Pakistan, you really need to drop a hat and either sides start crying foul.)

  10. This is funny ! I know its wrong but it does happen in India and Bangladesh too !
    Its very obvious that the Pakistani nationals wouldnt like the fact that you highlight this issue:-)
    Good Luck :-)