Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pakistan's party people....

A lot of us Indians continue to live with our many stereotypes of Pakistan and Pakistanis (Are women allowed to step out in Pakistan??!! Oh! You don't wear the burqa there??!!), much as Pakistanis continue to live with their many stereotypes of India and Indians (Are there mosques in India??!! What! Muslims are not treated unfairly??!!)  

Here are a few pictures of Pakistan's party people from Daily Times' Sunday Magazine to show that there is life beyond burqas and beards. I must admit that some of the Page 3 pictures in the weekend magazines shook me too when we got here. But I learnt early that not all hijabis are jihadis and not all jihadis are hijabis! 

Ali Zafar celebrating the success of his film.  
Freiha Altaf (in yellow) is a Page 3 fave.  

A birthday extravaganza.

The bold and beautiful at an event.


  1. It's sad but most of us (overseas Pakistanis) have accepted these stereotyping, humiliation and terrorist tag as part of our identity to live with for many years to come.

  2. And I should add it's more like I-don't-give-a-eff attitude. Ten years (and counting) is a long time to keep dealing with the BS.

  3. I agree with anonymous, outside Pak we ony ever hear about bombings etc. when the reality is much different. But, yes, unfortunately we do live with the stereotype and have developed a hard skin towards it.


  4. Anon & A, thanks for your comments. True, there is so much more to Pakistan....:)