Thursday, July 12, 2012

A few of my favourite things...(I)

I don't understand why Pakistanis (and also we Indians) waste time watching Indian TV serials, especially those being made in the here-and-now. A couple of months ago, I decided to see some dramas written by the famous Haseena Moin, and like everyone else, concluded that she was fantastic and had no match in India. 

A list of some of my favourites:

Dhoop Kinarey


  1. Tanhaya... sweet memories of childhood!


  2. They're doing a remake of Dhoop Kinare on an Indian channel right now... See how badly they've messed it up! Me thinks its the "daily" phenomenon that has ruined Indian serials.... A story can hardly stay very good beyond a hundred episodes (and hundred is the uppermpost limit)...These days they make serials with the intention of making it run for a couple of years with 4 episodes a week... So well, you know where it is heading from the word GO

    1. I thought they did a remake of Dhoop Kinarey years ago...
      True, if you choose quantity over quality a mess is what you have on the telly!

  3. Yup! Kuch toh log kahenge is the name of the Indian 'Dhoop Kinarey'. It was fun to watch earlier. Now, it's a BIG BORE. Would love to watch the original though

  4. Ambika,

    You must! For now watch the clip I've uploaded here...

  5. I can name at least one great Indian tv serial Subarnalata.It a bengali serial based on a classic novel by Padmashree Ashapurna Devi and the lead role is played by Ananya Chaterjee ,a national award winning actress.
    I think that Ashapurna Devi is certainly a good match for Haseena Moin.

  6. Omit, thanks for the info...will surely check her out.


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