Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our rescues and other stories (II)...

This is Rocco. Left outside our house on June 26, 2011. The vet refused to board him because of the severity of his infections (scabies and fungal). When he failed to respond to treatment we even considered putting him down.

Two months later we consulted a vet in India and also carried a bagful of medicines to Pakistan. Within a week Rocco was cured.

Four months later, Rocco is a beautiful dog who keeps an eye on not just our house but the entire street.

I found Rocket wagging her little tail outside our gate on April 13, 2011. She was an extremely friendly pup.

We soon discovered she had contracted the deadly Parvo virus. The vet said her chances of survival were slim.

Rocket survived the Parvo to battle a severe fungal infection for four months.

Rocket is now cured. And best friends with all our cats.

Rocket with Chammak Challo


  1. What you doing realy great. Lovely dog :)

  2. Best work ever. All anybody needs is someone who bothers to give them a chance.

  3. Paraphernalia, thank you :)

  4. It's great (and inspiring) to see that you don't give up trying, whatever their odds of survival.