Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our special rescue: Cocoa

Cocoa was born in our backyard to Chicklet, a 10-month-old stray.

Like all kittens, he loved playing with his littermates Chocolate and Wheezer.

Sometimes he perched on this window sill for a nap.

When Cocoa was three months old he was poisoned along with some other cats.  While the others died, Cocoa lived -- with first a temporary loss of vision and then a permanent damage to his motor coordination. Cocoa could no longer walk. Or meow. He was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia or the Wobbly Walk Syndrome.

A year on, Cocoa has learnt to live with his disability beautifully. He no longer needs to be carried around the house. He has fun wobbling around the house or watching other cats play.

Cocoa wobbling in the greens


  1. Precious!!!! You are a lucky and amazing little Kitty!!!! Thank your parents who helped you for me!

  2. Anon, Cocoa has been our biggest lesson in life. He has helped us more than we could have ever helped him!

  3. I seem to read a lot about poisoned pets on your blog. Who exactly is poisoning them?

  4. God bless you --- for taking care of innocent, mute fellow-creatures.

  5. Vijay, last September three of my outdoor cats were poisoned -- no clue about how and by whom. The fourth who survived is Cocoa. All I can tell you is that my neighbours are not animal-friendly.

    Soumya, the pleasure is all ours.

  6. Thank you for sharing this on the facebook group. It's because of people like you who love animals so much that little ones such as Cocoa will live a long and happy life.

  7. So glad you are taking care of Cocoa!
    If it is people - esp. neighbors doing the poisoning and it has happened more than once - wouldn't it be safer to keep the cats inside?

  8. Anon, our cats are all indoor-cats. Chicklet (Cocoa's mother) was an outdoor cat who stopped by for food. When we discovered she was pregnant we encouraged her to stay in our backyard. We even tried making her indoor but she was too scared of our other senior indoor cats. Chicklet is still a very outdoor cat but Cocoa is obviously now indoor.

  9. Cats with Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia are amazing. We have one also, and she is amazing. Please come and join our Community