Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pakistan fashion's 'deepak'...

Deepak Perwani
Deepak Perwani is one of Pakistan's top fashion designers. He studied fashion at New York and has been retailing his stuff for the past decade or so globally.

He wears a Ganesha tattoo on his right arm and an ayat around his neck. His fashion philosophy is much the same: "The Deepak Perwani man and woman have no fashion boundaries. They do not belong to a country or religion. They are the children of the global village."

DP's creations
Deepak is also Pakistan's cultural ambassador to China and Malaysia and has secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for designing the world's largest kurta.

I have no clue if Deepak is married or not, but some years ago he was looking for a nice Hindu bride. "Mathematical chance isn't on the side of a Sindhi Hindu looking for a suitable arranged match within the small community. The girl has to be imported..since I am doing too well here to be exported," Deepak told The Outlook magazine.

His mother Renu was planning to "parade him" in Bombay, Dubai and Hong Kong. "I would never accept a Muslim girl in my house. All my friends are Muslims and I know they are very beautiful people, cultured and nice. But a daughter-in-law is a different matter." 

Deepak, according to Pakistani law, cannot marry a Muslim girl: "I'd have to convert. And I would never do that."

DP's premium Eid collection


  1. It's unfortunate that such laws exist. A person should not be prevented from marrying someone just because they belong to different religious communities.

    1. There are a lot of hindus living in Pakistan that he could find one should he wanted to... plus I do not agree that the laws are preventing any1 from marring some1 they want... especially in the social class he belongs to.. the elite/showbiz class. there are other examples like Hassan Ahmed and Sunita Marshal..and Nadia Malik (Daughter of Bishop of Lahore Dr John Alexandar Malik) Married to Dr Daniyal...

  2. the marraige laws in Pakistan are so intolerant like most of the legislation... they enforce things that Islam doesn't!


  3. So has he managed to "import" a Hindu girl from somewhere?

  4. I thought Deepak was gay!!!!